• Short-term, solution focused psychotherapy, counselling and coaching

    Look ahead
    Develop your strengths
    Develop and improve your coping skills and mechanisms
    Function at a healthier level as quickly as possible
    Achieve independence as quickly as possible

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Our fast paced world …

… causes stress, anxiety and depression. Grief and the experience of trauma can also add to the psychological burdens and impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Whatever the situation for you or your loved ones, I can help you. I offer therapy and counselling in Central and greater London, aimed at making an immediate difference and for you to leave each session feeling better that when you arrived.


Counselling for young people

School and university issues
Exam stress and anxiety
Confidence and self-esteem building
Difficulties relating to social media
General coaching and skills building

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Counselling for adults

Overcoming depression, anxiety, stress
Work-life balance difficulties
Relationship difficulties and couples
Sleep difficulties
General coaching

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Trauma recovery counselling

Relieving traumatic memories
Tackling nightmares, panic attacks
Dealing with fears and phobias
Rewind technique

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School visits

Mental health training for staff
Mental health workshops for pupils
Talks for parents
Counselling for pupils and staff

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Hear how I use therapeutic techniques in a classroom



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  • Harmony comes from the thinking and emotional brains working together

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