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If you are someone who is wondering what “self care” is or what you can do to take better care of yourself, I would suggest giving this book a read.  In this book, Karin explains and guides you through what it means to take care of yourself.  Our modern world can be tricky and yet she explains simple and practical strategies that you can start your new self care regime immediately.


Each chapter in the book focuses on a particular strategy.  They are not in an order of importance and some will be easier for you to implement than others.  But they are all aimed at teaching you how to adjust your existing habits so that you ultimately become a more rounded individual.   At the end of each chapter, you are asked to spend some time reflecting.  Karin gives you space to write your own answers to 3 really important stages in the process of becoming more self-caring by asking you to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and actions.


The habits range from setting boundaries to the value of a good night’s sleep to the benefits of exercise in nature. I found the Emotional Boundaries chapter really useful as it really made me stop and think.  It is so easy for us to become embroiled in the drama around us to the point where we lose ourselves. I found that it correlated really well with the chapter on toxic people.  And this was the beauty of this book.  The chapters are individual, but they are all part of a whole.  It does not matter what sequence you read them in.  You will find that you will keep turning back and seeing how the habits all speak to each other.  If you are a bit of a nerd like me, read it with a highlighter in your hand and mark those little phrases that you find really useful. Possibly have two highlighters and reserve one colour for those bits that you know you might find a little trickier than others.

It is all about YOU

A real selling point about this self-help guide is that it is not written in psychobabble.  It is aimed at you and is written in a style that is straightforward and really easy to understand.  The chapters are short enough that you can read one a day.  I did read the book from start to finish and then went back and focused on the chapters that I found particularly relevant to me.  Like any good self-help book, this is not simply something to read.  It sets you tasks as we can only change if we actively engage with the process.  A bit of homework will be needed.  But by doing the homework, you can monitor the extent to which you are seeing subtle changes in yourself.

Know when to seek support

What is also made clear is that there could be times when you might need a helping hand. One chapter is dedicated to the benefits of joining a support group.  Another one mentions sitting with and understanding your feelings.  A counsellor or psychotherapist could be a great help here.  Not to mention how seeing a therapist does mean you are investing time and money in yourself.  What a great way to attach value to you and who you are.

About Karin

Karin is a newly British, Guatemalan-Born (with German Heritage) Author and Entrepreneur. She is a regular blogger and offers services to help people get back on track and or to get started or continue with life and business ideas and plans. She is a Counsellor, supervisor and tutor.  Find out more about her and the services she offers visit:  www.k-brauner-counselling.co.uk/smp


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