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When last did you sit back and evaluate your Emotional wellbeing? Mental health depends on emotional health. As humans, we all have needs.  Physical needs such as food, water and shelter are the obvious ones.  But when last did you check on your Emotional needs and if they are being met?  Optimal mental health relies on our Emotional needs being met in a healthy way.

There is a really easy way for you to check if your needs are being met.The Human Givens Institute has designed an Emotional Needs Audit.  It is an easy checklist where you rank your needs on a simple scale.  You can find the audit here.  You can complete it online or print out the form and complete it.

Are your Emotional Needs being met?

The simple way to look at is:  if you have a score that is 3 or below, there is a chance that your needs are not being met and this will impact on your general state of mind.  It also needs to be said that there are times when circumstances out of your control could impact on your scores. For example, the last 18 months have been difficult for many of us.  Having to work from home has limited our contact with others.  It has also meant that there have been times when the entire family is at home, all the time.  We then feel that we have no privacy. Losing our job or being placed on furlough removes a sense of control and autonomy.

But there are also times when experiences such as trauma result is us finding it difficult to get our needs met. Or our environment is so toxic that it does not care about us.

What happens if your needs are not being met?

If our needs are not being met, and we become anxious or depressed as a result of this, we lose our ability to think rationally.  We suddenly find that we regard all the negative aspects of the world around us as pervasive, personal and permanent.

And this is where I can help. There are times you will not be able to see a way out of the rut. You could be stuck in a state of emotional arousal that will not allow you to see an alternative.  I can help you change that. I can help you calm the arousal so that you can engage your thinking brain and together we can find a route towards a healthier emotional life. Mental health depends on emotional health

Contact me if you want to ask more questions or if you think I can help you.  I am now seeing clients both online as well as in person in and around London.