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As a counsellor and psychotherapist, I also experience life’s difficulties and troubles.  Like my clients, I have times when my emotions take over.  I have to stop and stand back and reflect.  An effective counsellor understands feeling weak and vulnerable.  We know what it means to make changes to our world in order to be able to function in a healthier way.  I know what it means to look after my own well-being.

I recently wrote an article for the Welldoing.org website on how my training impacted on my personal life and, in particular, my relationships with others. You can read the blog here.

Counsellors and psychotherapists come out of their training somewhat different to when they started.  We learn about ourselves and others.  A good therapist continues to learn and grow.  We continue to learn new practical ways to teach others how to manage their world and to care for their well-being. Like you, we are human!

Read about my experience of counselling at at time when I was feeling weak and vulnerable here.