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Top tips for exam readiness Part 2

Social Life: You need one. You cannot spend all day alone. Making time for meaningful face to face interaction (not on a screen) with your close friends will give you much needed down time and a shift in focus. But having chats with your classmates also allows you to gain perspective. You might realise you do actually know that complicated bit of Physics or you don’t know it quite as well as you thought you did and you need to revisit it.

Relaxation techniques: These should become part of your daily routine. Do them at the start and end of each day. They are a great way to set yourself up for the day and then to wind down at the end before dropping off to sleep. Once you learn them and practise them, you will find that they take minutes to achieve the desired effect. You will become so good at them that you will be able to do them while sitting in an exam and no-one will know! Have a read of these quick and easy relaxation techniques

Plan: Get a diary. Use it. Put in all your commitments whether they are school commitments and exams or friends and family. You can then see what time you have. The revision for the exam that is in the middle of June can wait till half term, possibly. Being organised takes most of the stress out of a stressful time. Our brain enjoys structure. Anxiety thrives on chaos. Keep the anxiety at bay by having a structure to your day.

Reward yourself: When you know you have had a good, productive day, find a way to reward yourself. It does not have to be big or expensive. But something small. Even allowing yourself something like a small bar of your favourite chocolate is good enough. A visit to the cinema or a night out with a friend over the weekend can also be a reward after a good week of revision.

And Finally:

Don’t beat yourself up: Nothing goes to plan all the time. There will be occasions when you simply cannot focus. When that happens, acknowledge it and spend a few minutes trying to work out why. But we all have moments when we are struggling. It is normal! When it happens, accept it. Do not have a go at yourself about it. It might simply be the body and mind saying to you that they are tired and need more than just a 15 minute break. It might be that you need to put the books away, leave the house and go and do something enjoyable and relaxing for a few hours.

Good luck! Stay calm.

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