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I recently wrote an article for Morning Lazziness where I explored the idea of when we should think about seeing a counsellor, psychotherapist or coach.  I have written about this before but it is a question that is being asked more and more.  Many also do not understand the difference (if there is one!) between a counsellor, psychotherapist or coach.

We all have moments when life throws us a problem or difficulty that unsettles us.  For some, we are able to roll with it muddle our way through it.  But some of us need a helping hand.  This does not mean that we are mentally ill.  It simply means that life has thrown a curve ball and we were not quite ready for it.  We might need a bit of a helping hand to get back on track. We might be in need of a tweak, or some guidance just to get through a particular moment in our lives.

But there are also times when we might be living with depression, anxiety or the effects of a traumatic experience. Good counselling would then be ideal.

If you thinking of seeing a counsellor psychotherapist or coach, do some preparation first.  I explore what questions you need to ask in the article.

But the key ideas are:

  1. Research the different styles of therapy
  2. You might not click with the first therapist you find
  3. Make sure the therapist is credible
  4. Have a goal
  5. Set out to find the experience rewarding and enriching