well-being at work

Wellbeing at work

Here are my top 5 tips that could help you minimise stress while at work.

1 Start and finish the day well

This could be as simple as ensuring you are not rushing out the door or running for your train. Children are always told: pack your school bag the night before. Well, we as adults should do the same. Preparation for tomorrow starts today. Get to be bed early enough that you get enough sleep. If you have a presentation tomorrow, pack what you need for it before going to bed. Check laptop is charged. Check your presentation is backed up. Pre-empt anything that could go wrong by preventing it before bedtime. And then on the journey, what can you do to relax? Read? Listen to some music?

2. Exercise

Try and get some exercise on that commute. Even if it is as simple as walking to the next bus stop or station. Or ensure that you get to the gym a few times during the week. Take the stairs rather than the lift. Every now and then, get up, stretch, walk around the office and then get back to work.

3. Your work space

Is it comfortable? Can you ask for a better chair? Have you got decent lighting? What about putting a small plant on your desk or a photo of a loved one? This is not always possible in today’s hot-desking world. But you could have a small photo in a frame that lives in your bag and you simply take it out and put it away each day. Keep your desk tidy!

4. Lunch hour

You are entitled to it. Take it. The full hour! And, if you can, leave the building. Get away from your desk. Go for a walk. When the weather is good, head for a bit of greenery. Aim for the healthiest lunch you can. Keep it light.

5. Be organised

Find the most efficient way to deal with that inbox. Set aside certain times when you check and clear out your emails. Set clear targets and strategies but don’t allow the quest for perfection to blind you to what is good enough. Know how long a task should take and stick to the timing. Don’t allow your schedule to be hijacked so learn to say no. Use your diary and plan ahead when you can.


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