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Pat Capel

BA (Hons) Counselling Psychology; HG.Dip.P

If you are looking for anxiety, depression or stress counselling for adolescents and adults. I can help you.


I have worked as a secondary school teacher for over 25 years.  I have taught English to those in year 7 and above and to those with minor learning difficulties such as dyslexia and ADHD.  I left the the classroom in October 2022 in order to focus on counselling for adolescents and adults .  I also work as an English tutor where I focus on those who find the subject a little tough or if they need a general confidence boost.

I started my career in Cape Town as a school counsellor.  Since moving to the UK in 2000, I gradually shifted to working with those with Special Educational Needs and being a classroom teacher. Over time I became increasingly aware that a growing number of those around me, adults and children alike, were starting to show signs of not having the skills or resources to get their needs met in order to cope with our demanding world. Anxiety, stress and depression, in particular, were becoming increasingly prevalent.  I then decided to go back to the books and develop my counselling and psychotherapy skills further. 


I work with clients of all ages. My background in teaching has allowed me to specialise in adolescents and young people. Teenagers are particularly responsive to this particular school of psychotherapy as it relies on imagination and very clear goal setting within a well-structured protocol. The Human Givens approach is also a very effective method of family counselling and family mediation.  I have a particular interest in delivering mental health and wellbeing training within the school context to pupils, teachers and parents.

The methods I employ with young people are equally effective with adults and I have used them successfully with clients suffering with depression, anxiety, phobias (including school phobia), exam stress or performance anxiety and those in need of general coaching skills.  

Keeping up to date

I am a Human Givens therapist whose register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority and am fully qualified and able to offer counselling to help with a range of mental health and emotional difficulties for children, adolescents and adults. I have regular supervision and am constantly improving my knowledge and skills through Continuing Professional Development (CPD)