Solution focused therapy for Mental Health and Wellbeing

As a Human Givens therapist, I am often asked:  “What does solution focused counselling mean?” Many seem to think that therapy or counselling has to be a very long process.  And there are times when that can be the best option.  But it could be in your best interest to embark on a therapeutic process that is aimed at solutions and designed to get you back out there, functioning better as quickly as possible.

What can you expect from me

What I will not do:

  • Dwell in the past – I will want to look forward and help you find solutions
  • Ask you to go over and over traumatic events in your past – talking about a trauma over and over can remind you of it as if you are reliving it again.
  • Confuse you with psycho babble – I will educate you about why you are feeling the way you are in a way that you will understand.
  • Sign you up to lengthy, weekly sessions – you are in control, not me.

What I will do:

  • Help you find ways to deal with your particular difficulty you are facing now.
  • Explore with you what coping skills or resources are not as developed as they could be.
  • Look forward and help you find strategies to deal with any difficulties you might face in the future.
  • Explore with you if there is a trauma from your past that could be impacting on you now.  And then I will aim to work with you to clear the lasting impact of that trauma.  I will not even ask you for all the details as I do not need to know them.
  • Set clear goals with which will allow you to monitor your progress.  This does mean that there will be little homework exercises to do.
  • Agree with you, at the end of each session, if and when I will see you next.  It could be a week; it could be a month. We will discuss that together.  It is part of allowing you to feel that you have control.
  • Aim to have you leave each session feeling better than when you arrived.

This is a style of therapy that does expect you to work quite hard.  But the rewards can often be felt almost immediately. Contact me if you would like to arrange a free 15 minute chat.

For more information visit The Human Givens site where you can read more about our Code of Conduct and Complaints Procedure

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