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“Patient, thoughtful and incredibly approachable, Pat has been vital in instilling the student with confidence for his exams. Pat has an easy-going rapport which has established a sense of trust. It has been incredibly impressive to observe the way in which this relationship of trust has enabled notable academic progress to be made. As a teacher myself, I have been grateful to observe Pat in action and will certainly endeavour to replicate many of his effective strategies.”


“I loved my therapy sessions with Pat. He really helped me overcome my fears with my new job. I suffered from terrible anxiety and nervousness when I started it. I now enjoy it very much and this is in no small part thanks to Pat. I would highly recommend him as a therapist.”


“The talk by Pat was so important for the students. Self-understanding and underlying knowledge of what causes stress, anxiety and the ability of the brain to learn effectively, gives students the independence to start taking control of their own pathways. The students came away from the talk with tips, examples and readiness to engage with the coping strategies Pat showed them. An excellent and valuable talk which all 6th Formers would benefit from.”

Head of Sixth Form

“I was impressed with how quickly my daughter engaged with Pat. After the first session she said she felt “lighter” and understood how her mind tricks her into anxiety. She has been using the strategies learnt during her sessions successfully and I have observed a marked difference in her resilience. These are valuable life skills, and I highly recommend this Practice.”

A Mother

“Pat’s talk balanced the science behind stress with practical strategies which the students could use to manage it. The talk was interactive and the students still talk about how much they enjoyed it! We will definitely invite him back.”

Head of Sixth Form

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